The Sex Trail

These days, sex is viewed with a passing glance, like its one of those things that is an integral part of the human existence. It is seen as one of those things that must happen when man gets closer than comfort to a woman, without any form of scrutiny externally, and with every form of privacy. A huge chunk of the blame would fall on the laps of the mass media and other forms of entertainment, who have ridden on the wings of a depraved version of what ought to take place respectably and responsibly between two consenting adults in a particular institution, to expand its frontiers and revenue. The viewing public and populace is then impressioned and ingrained into believing and accepting mythical and illusional fabrications which are a far cry from what obtains in the world which was created by a Being, and was fashioned to be so.

That sex is enjoyable is a fact that cannot be denied, and any attempt at doing that is the personification of deception and falsehood in its pristine definitions. It was created to be enjoyed and relished, but ONLY in a certain manner and way. But it is unfortunate that majority of inhabitants of today’s world are domiciled under the miragic cover of a savagely fabricated utopia that holds not even an atom of good.

Most young people hardly realize that every act of sex is in fact a covenant binding the two souls together, and what trails it when it is entered into unwholesomely is not, and never desirable. It is thus imaginable the kind of bondage that has ensconced one who has had fifty sexual partners or more, which is an attainable record in today’s world. The truth of the matter is that whoever has sex has given away a part of him or her. Accepting or denying it is another kettle of fish entirely.

Sex outside the approved environment, which is marriage, breeds a whole gamut of problems which are unnecessary and avoidable. Along with it trails dissatisfaction, contempt, distrust, and at times hatred. A large percentage of problems associated with marriages that have hit the rocks are attributable to pre-marital sex-related issues, if investigated holistically. Even when one partner complains of less than optimum performance from the other, it is also an offshoot of an impaired and unsupposed form of experience that has no place in the blessedness and appropriateness of the marriage institution. Then there is of course the risk of veneral disease, and the associated reproductive imbalances are just too disheartening to imagine. The dreaded and incurable HIV/AIDS is of course a member of the family of the fallouts of clandestine sex. There has been found to be a relationship between sex and violence, pride, arrogance, murder, thievery and every fathomable ill of the society. For the students, there is absolutely no way one can expect to come out tops, fiddling and fondling with God’s blessing the wrong way. It is the easiest way to get the mind and brain messed up, muddled up, and the brain and memory functioning way below capacity. Sex is not love; and love is not all sex-it must be placed in proper perspective. Whether we want to accept it or not, YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO PART WAYS WITH SOMEONE YOU HAVE ROLLED IN THE HAY WITH, ANY ATTEMPT AT THAT IS JUST COURTING DISASTER.

It is a pity that sex the wrong way has being celebrated, advertised, and even worshipped, instead of being rebuked and reprieved. That is also the singular reason the world is the way it is today-violent, self-seeking, self-serving, and the very opposite of what it was created to be. A reversal of the status quo is absolutely possible, in my opinion. It is a matter of re-orientation of values, priorities and outlook towards life and what one wants out of it.

Credits: Ogbonna Nnaemeka Henry from NSG


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