The Biography of Mr X

It’s about 5 weeks since I last went to church. I’m stunned! few praise songs had been remixed, all I could do was to murmur words only me could hear. Back at home, if there’s anything like register in my church I know I would be present at least 95% if not 100% pass mark.Sorry I never tell you more details about me I’m an undergraduate, I love adventure and I so much like girls maybe because I never had one as a took me maximum of three weeks to woo and be done with a girl and I hold a ‘devilish’ record of getting a girl laid within few days (don’t get it wrong I’m not boasting) it shows how bad I am.Lest I forgot, I’m an alcoholic. All these are fun to me. I derived so much pleasure in them. One of the chief reason I had been away from church was that I perpetrated these evil acts with high profile christians mainly children of pastor and reverend father, ushers etcI became unconscious that there is a supreme God above me. I’m a sinner, a real one! I was once a born again and I’ve been on a path that led to no where, this path I can truly tell you leads to destruction. You drink? Next morning you woke up with a banging headache (hangover).

What then is the fun? See Gal. 5:19 (NLT) ”When you follow the desires of your sinful nature, the results are very clear: sexual immorality, impurity, lustful pleasuresAbstain from all these immoral acts, it diminishes your potentials. You want to ask how? Here is it: you’re dating 2 girls tell me how it is possible to be at the peak of your study or career? Girls here are too demanding (in terms of funds, time etc) I don’t know about elsewhere. Psychologically you will be disturbed. And to our dear leaders, save us! Lead us right!! We look up to you.

I never had guilty conscience because when I was doing all these; Leaders who held high ranking post in churches we are together (I’ve shared a drink with a Reverend father and also had fun with a girl on a saturday after which she left for rehearsal). I felt that, can a sinner like me preach, teach or sing for me and I will heed?


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