Dear Pretty girl! Why Are You So ill Mannered?

So pissed off with the manners exhibited by girls lately, I had to put pen to paper to educate them on why they have to put a stop to the bad manner. Days ago, I was walking down the road this little Missy passed by; there was a defect in her dressing; I tried to call her attention to it. The strange girl gave me one ugly look as if I was about to beg her for a favor. I couldn’t help it than to make an outburst “I am not one of those boys tryna get in between your thighs” with my outburst she came back to her senses. 

To me it was too late. Likewise today, i bought a drink and there is the need for me to sit and calm my nerves down, politely i requested for a seat; she offered that i can sit on the bare floor. I don’t know what could have warrant that but I believe that girls sees a guy trying to strike a ‘convo’ as if all he wanted is too woo them.

Sorry dear you got it all wrong! Don’t be shallow with your thinking. First impression matters a lot and it is long lasting. Show some respect to strangers. To cap it all you may never realize the status or position of the stranger you treated like trash


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