Relationship 101: Letting Go

Letting go is the hardest thing to do. Not only because we are letting go someone or something we really want and desire, someone we really love; but mostly because we tend to see it as “I failed” or “I wasn’t enough” or “I should have done this or maybe that” or “what is wrong with me”, “I am not loved” or “I don’t deserve it” OR “The Bitch”, “The Bastard” “I Hate him/her”, “He/she doesn’t deserve me”, “After all what I did?!”.

SO we tend to try, to beg, to be super glued, to pray, to cry, to change ourselves maybe! to wait, to. compromise, to follow, to seek revenge, to show them other people want us, or whatever that we do to channel this Anger or Pain of loosing this person…and we never stop to ask the question why? no matter how confident we are we never stop asking ourselves “why?” The Way I See It : It is hard to let go because we are AFRAID, because we do not TRUST ourselves enough and because we don’t have enough FAITH to let go and keep going KNOWING that we will have what we deserve in this life. We need a lot of healing, self love, self forgiveness and trust to let go and move on.

I wish all of us to master the art of Goodbyes and letting GO because after all …we will never know maybe it will come back to us or maybe we will have something or someone even better!…… so let us all stop being afraid/tiered/bitter/angry/ of having another love story, another person, another job, another car, another dress, another friend and have faith in ourselves, God and the universe to give us what we believe we deserve. And YES our destiny is NEVER NEVER tied to anyone who has left. I will leave you with this speech. I have never seen such a powerful, inspiring and uplifting speech about letting Go, such as this one. Bishop T.D. Jakes used the word “CAN” which is very interesting for me …and yes if they CAN walk away ..nothing will let them stay… this is not only a religious speech the message Jakes is delivering here is universal and has no religion to it ….

PS: this is a non religious based write up


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