How To Cut Down Daily Living Expenses

Life is expensive! It seems like just about everything costs more money than it should and before you know it, your whole Salary or wages is gone! If you want to find ways to save and reclaim more of your monthly salary, then this is the article for you. Below, you’ll find out how to save lots of money in all sorts of areas of your life by cutting
excess and finding shortcuts. Get started with Step 1 below to learn how.

1. Cook from scratch. Cooking food from scratch and eating healthy is a great way to save money on food. Not only is it better for your health, but it will save you a significant amount of money. Buy raw ingredients (like vegetables,noodles,  and beans/rice) and make meals from those ingredients, instead of the stuff from a box or can. You’ll be able to make much more food for much less money.

If you’re already eating overly-large portions of food, then cutting down to a healthy amount can also save you money. The calorie estimate of 2000/day is too
high for many people, who tend to be inactive. Count the calories in your meals
and see if you’re eating too much.
Save leftovers. Don’t throw away food. This is wasteful not only because people are
going hungry in some other corner of the world, but also because it wastes your
money. Either cook less food to begin with or eat the leftovers for your next meal.

2. Shop with a list. Making a list of the food items you need and only buy the items on that list. Your grocery bill can double or triple if you’re getting extra items that sound nice but are really just extras. Make a menu, preferably one that uses ingredients and food that doesn’t spoil easily, and then only buy the items that you need to meet that menu.


3. Cut down on how much you eat-out. We waste more money than we think on eating-out. KFC, Tito gate, Domibite, restaurants, late night splurges — they all add up! Make your own lunch and go out for meals less often in order to save major  cash.


4. Buy in bulk. Buying items that don’t spoil quickly in bulk is a great way to save money. Items like this include pasta, canned items, dry boxed goods, common spices, cooking oils, frozen foods, and household items like toilet paper and paper towels. You can buy these items in bulk from wholesale stores like Shoprite.

5. Compare unit prices. When you buy groceries, look at the unit prices listed on the shelf tag, if the unit price is provided. This can help you cut through the confusion of different sizes and prices, and buy the cheapest brand for the product you need.


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