Ep. 2: Meet My New Cutie


I joined the queue; entered the examination hall. The paper is a computer based test (CBT).
To start the exam- logging in with your details is the first step. It skipped my mind. Don’t call me olodo… I know more about computer programing than you do I was just not paying attention to what I was doing.I came back to my senses, input my login details. 35 questions questions popped up. My number one question got me laughing but the laugh turned to just a smile when an invigilator asked me “what is so funny about the questions” I kept mute.

The funny question was “effort is an_____ (a) asset (b) health (c) skill ” sorry I can not remember the last option.

In few minutes I was through with my exam and I got my result. You don’t need to know the ‘gory’ details. I scored 70%.

Hopefully, I thought I will meet TT outside the hall because she said she will be coming back to meet her sister who happen to be in the same class with me.

She was nowhere to be found. I left school for home, on getting home; I pulled off my tee shirt, jean and took a nap. Did I just call it nap? I slept for about 2hourss 30minutes.

Now I am awake, the first thought was to dialled the cell phone number TT gave me. Can it be a fake number? If it is fake, why will she do? She has no reason to do that another thought echoed. Voila! I dialled the number, below is how the conversation goes:

Me: hello
TT: sorry who is this?
(I smiled she seems polite)

Me: it’s me, we met inside school today and you gave me your digits few hours ago

TT: Ok

Me: just to tell you this is my cell number and you can save it. To avoid the question of ” who’s this” when I phone you next time

TT: I’ll do just that, thanks for calling

Me: welcome, bye!

The phone dialogue was a green light I said to myself. Her voice was so calm like that of an angel.. This voice can be my motivation and inspiration if I get to hear it daily.

Will TT be my motivation?


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