Eminem Grant Wish Of Terminally ill Boy With A Visit hours Before His Death

Eminem may be a brute on his rhymes, but the real “Slim Shady” is anything but! The rapper recently granted a teenage fan’s dying wish with a surprise visit to the boy’s home, just one day before he passed away. Eminem, 42, made one of his biggest fans’ wish come true.Eminems-terminally-ill-fan-Gage-garmo-died-after-visit--450x600

The rapper showed his soft side when visiting a terminally ill teen who wanted nothing more than to meet the rapper before he passed. A very sweet gesture, made even grander since he just made it in time before the poor boy passed. Eminem Visits Terminally Ill Teenage Fan Eminem is not all scathing rhymes and controversial lyrics. When it comes to his fans, he definitely has a soft spot.

The Detroit-born rapper recently made one of his young fan’s final wishes come true, paying an unexpected visit to the terminally ill teenager’s home just one day before the boy passed away. Gage Garmo, 17, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, and told that he only had about one week left to live.


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