Soya Milk Recipe For Xmas season

follow then following procedures with due so as to get a perfect result:

ingredients/tools needed are: 

Soya Beans (6 peak milk tin size cup)

Water (One Jerrycan)
Big bowl (Rounded)
Porous spoon
Powdered Vanilla flavor or liquid
Granulated sugar ( Quantity as desired)
Porous sieve (To sizen up white bucket)
Sand-tight sieve
Big pot
Very long metallic spoon
White transparent bucket
Trays (big and small)
2 water cans
Napkins (2)
Electric blender
Cups (2)
Fire maker (stove or gas cooker). Please no firewood or charcoal pot, to keep smoke from settling on end product.

soy milk 1

1. Pick beans one by one, to separate dirt, shafts and or stone. Then soak overnight in the bowl for 8 to 10 hours, wit water topping the bowl, in the morning you won’t find the water, the beans will be swollen of it.

2. In the morn, pour out d overnight water and pour boiling water from the kettle into d beans, turn well wit d long spoon, wait for 10 minutes. Then add cold water to mash, the skin will come off easily. De-skin till clean.

soy milk 4

3. At this stage, your hands will no longer touch the beans! It is Milk we making. Remember it traps bacteria easily. Pour the soya beans in small quantities into your own blender, It is preferable to use blender to preserve the natural aroma and quality of the End Product. Add 2 cups of water to every measure of grind, to blend smoothly, pouring soft foamy paste into d white plastic bucket. Use the porous sieve first to drain milk then pour the drained milk in the 2nd tight sieve to get a plain milk extract.
4. Pour drained milk into the big pot and set on fire, with moderate heat enough to touch all corners of the pot, while stirring continuously with the very long metallic spoon (this will keep the heat from the fire away from your hands), till it foams, please be careful with the foam, so it doesn’t boil over and spill on your fire source. Let it boil for 30 to 45mins while you stir non-stop
soy 5
5. At set time, add granulated sugar as desired and also the Vanilla flavor, boil for 2 minutes and put off the fire. The Soya milk will now be darker in colour, a bit thick, sugary to taste and wit a good aroma. Allow to cool on the floor. Use porous long spoon to remove the Bean Curd ( slimy cream like phlegm from the nose ) floating on the boiled soya milk.
soy 6
soy 8
6. Filter finally with the rinsed airtight sieve into the white bucket. Then with a cup pour into storage water cans, please avoid spills. It is ready to be refrigerated in 15mins. yaaaaaayyyy that’s it
Final-End Product - Xhlrted p
Credits: SDK

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